Fawad Khan as a fat man

Hit Pakistani film Maula Jutt was a trendsetter for Pakistani cinema. The movie not only provided superhit dialogues that are still popular but added an entirely new genre in Pakistani films.

Film director Bilal Lashari who earlier directed the blockbuster film Waar is now coming up with a modern remake of Maula Jutt featuring the stars Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan who are by no means similar to the Mustafa Qureshi and Sultan Rahi who played the leading role in the film.

Fawad Khan who is playing the role of Maula Jutt seems to have gone through a body transformation. The new pictures reveal a healthier Fawad, who appears to have gained weight, an entirely new image of the superstar.

Fawad Khan as a fat man

New looks of Fawad can be a surprise for the Fawad’s fans as he may sound deviating from his typical image of a handsome and charming man but he would surely be bringing something more fresh by playing the challenging role of Maula Jutt. The film whose release date has not come yet would be again another trendsetter as the team is putting very hard effort.

Usually, when actors go strong effort and undergo a body transformation to get in the mold of the role, the results come out to be quite fruitful. The recent example is the Bollywood’s recent blockbuster film Dangal where Amir Khan underwent body transformation for meeting the requirement of his character.

Earlier, the Express Tribune reported that Bilal Lashari had invited a team of action choreographers for training Fawad Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi for action scenes of the film. After the success of Waar, Bilal Lashaari had announced a remake of Maula Jutt with a new movie having a budget of million dollars.

The previous version of the film that was critically acclaimed in many prospects had stirred a debate in a way the movies use cultural manifestation to offer entertainment. The way film had depicted a scenario of Punjabi village had given birth to controversies making it a sensitive subject. The upcoming version of Maula Jutt would surely have the latest touch of technique and art, but the basic story remains a mystery.


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