Recently, some emails cum notices have sent to the taxpayers from the fake and harmful email address by hackers showing their connection with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

The same Federal Board of Revenue which months before made an important announcement that blocked the way to escape for non-taxpayers, reportedly, in their recent alert asked the taxpayers to beware of such harmful emails.

The emails were sent from the email address do-not-reply@fbrgovpk.com and FBR through a statement denied their link with the emails.

The fake emails notify the selected taxpayers that the tax returns filed by them do not match their sources of income.

Further, the emails instruct them to approach and contact the Commissioner Inland Revenue quickly.

The reports confirm that the fake emails contain the attachments which are infected by viruses.

The purpose of the hacker’s this cyber crime activity is basically to send harmful viruses and malware to both targeted taxpayers and the general public.

FBR advised and alerted the public at large and taxpayers to ignore the malicious emails and further not to open or click any link provided in them.

Also, they asked the public to immediately report the concerned authorities if they receive such fake emails.

However, the case is not new in Pakistan as few months before State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) also got hit by scam email followed by the bank’s clarification.


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