FBR recovered a shocking amount of money on Wednesday, in Lahore, from a Government institution, Wapda.

After several notices were sent to Wapda over the past five years in order to get tax payments, FBR finally attached their bank accounts together to recover Rs. 1916 billion.

Sources reveal that Wapda never paid tax for the years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, which amounts to a total of 5 years. This governmental institution was constantly being sent notices by the FBR to make payments of taxes for the respective years, however, they paid no heed to it. The total payment to be made by this institution was Rupees One Billion Nine Hundred Sixteen Million Two Hundred thousand.

Wapda’s appeal had been presented to the Commissioner Appeal. At this point, it seemed that there was no option left other than to attach all the bank accounts and recover the required sum of money as the department had been throwing all FBR notices into the bin.


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