FBR annoucement

Chief Commissioner of RTO (Regional Tax Officer) Islamabad has announced that FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) would facilitate the businesses to come over any genuine issue they are facing in the course of discharging their tax liability.

The Chief Commissioner said this during his visit to ICCI (Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry) house.

Apart from the fact that tax is always a bad omen for businesses, FBR is much inclined towards increasing the tax base and bringing more entities into the tax net.

Chief commissioner also vowed to provide help for any taxpayer who needed the consultation of advice in the matter of paying tax. He also requested the ICCI  to cooperate and make sure that maximum businesses meet their tax obligations in time. He further told that unfortunately, not all the entities that are subjected to pay tax do so.

For example from hundreds of wedding halls in Islamabad and only 15 meet of them pay taxes.

Chairman ICCI Khalid Iqbal Malik also urged the FBR to ensure timely refunds as many companies have to face liquidity crises as their million remain locked up due to inefficient tax return processes. He also complained about the “IRIS”, the web portal of FBR was also putting complications for the taxpayers. First is tax return process is complicated and not so easy for an ordinary person to understand. Further, it is not so user-friendly and needs to be reviewed. He appreciated that FBR had already extended the date for paying tax till 30 November but requested to increase the period until mid or end of December so that more businesses can pay taxes.

He also asked the Chief Commissioner FBR that If any Taxpayer poses difficulty for the authority or fails to comply with the board should also bring this into consideration of ICCI too as it would more likely solve the issue in a seamless way.


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