PSL final tickets being sold in Black

As the tickets for PSL final are going scarce due to increased demand, the illegal sellers have become active for selling tickets in black.

One such incident surfaced when a person namely Umar Farooq son of Muhammad Farooq from Gulberg Lahore was arrested for selling passed for PSL 2017 final in black. He was reported selling 500 Rs ticket for 3000 Rs, an amount five times greater than the original one.

Almost four tickets have been recovered from him; he was selling tickets through his Facebook profile and pages. Facebook chat logs in his mobile phone also proved that he was selling tickets at higher prices.

Cyber crime circle of FIA would register a case against Waqas as his act of selling passes on Facebook, and that too on black was illegal.

Selling tickets in black is indeed a crime, but officials must question how the man managed to stock the passes when cricket fans were standing in long queues outside the Punjab Bank branches to buy passes for them.

According to media reports, the bank employees were also selling tickets to their friends and relatives and offering very few to the customers creating a shortage. Earlier, PSL Chairman Najam Sethi has revealed that 10,000 tickets of Rs 500 each were available for the general enclosure. Due to increased demand as fans were not able to afford the 4000 Rs and 8000 Rs tickets, passes were shorting fall, but those who deal in the black took this as a business opportunity to make money out of it.


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