FIA summons PCB King Subhan
Subhan Ahmed, Chief Operating Officer of PCB

FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) has summoned the Subhan Ahmed, the Chief Operating Officer of PCB and Badar Manzoor, the Chief Financial Officer of PCB  to explain about appointments in PCB made by violating rules.

The investigation body is also probing the illegalities and misappropriation in four projects of PCB. It has started the investigation of almost three dozen appointments made in PCB  by violating the rules.

As reported by the Dawn FIA has called the two high-ranking PCB officials to investigate about the irregularities and misappropriation of funds in four development projects of the PCB. The projects included the establishment of a biomechanical laboratory at Gaddafi Stadium, Cricket Academy in Multan, Far End Pavillion at Gaddafi Stadium and construction of Garhi Khuda Bakhsh Stadium in Larkana.

In the case of Garhi Khuda Bakhsh cricket stadium, the contractor had provided the false bank guarantee of Rs8.6 million with the collaboration of a PCB official. Apart from this new PKR 5.6 million were paid to the contractor for Cricket Academy while allegedly excessive payment was made to the contractor for construction of Far End Pavillion in Qaddafi Stadium. Further, the delay in installation of the biochemical laboratory had caused monetary loss.

While quoting its source, the media outlet reported that documents had been verified and fake bank guarantee in the project had been proved.

PCB spokesperson Raza Kitchlew told that summoned officials of PCB would appear before FIA next week as they were in Multan while all the documents have already been submitted to FIA and there are no wrongdoing in projects. While explaining on the matter of appointments he clarified that all the appointments in PCB were made according to rules and the board made selections on all ranks.


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