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After investigating the ‘Sharif’ clan,  JIT reported that the Finance Minister of the country, Ishaq Dar, has not been able to provide his wealth statement, and adding to his wealth statement from 2008-2009, an increase of 91% was seen in his assets, ranging from Rs9.11 million to Rs831.70 million.

The Finance Minister has, allegedly, not been paying tax. And all of the statements made by him to deny the charge came off false and the excuses which he made explaining the sudden ‘uplift’ in his income sounded absurd.

The Tax Minister of Pakistan has never paid tax on his Mercedes since he bought it in 2008, has donated to his own charity so his money may return to him, and found many other creative ways to do money laundering.

As the public try to ingest the idea of such high scale money laundering, the Finance Minister of the state, whose duty is to take care of the Country’s assets, came forward as the person who never really has paid any tax himself which makes us question our system and the Government which is endorsing that system.

The opposition also seems furious on this reveal and is demanding an action from the jurisdiction.

While Talking to the media, PTI’s Naeem Ul Haq said ‘ How can a money Launderer be our Finance Minister?’ How can a person who withholds tax paying, be the Tax Minister of this country, the country which is the 9th Atomic Power of the world?’ He also demanded Ishaq Dar be removed from the position and be charged with the crimes that he is accused of.

How can a non-tax payer, a money launderer by our Finance Minister?
This is not just the question of the opposition party, it is the question of the people of this nation; the people who have been paying tax through their hard earned money, the people who pay the money to the state in hopes that this would make their economy strong.

The people who can’t even imagine the sum of money these state leaders have in their accounts have been giving money to the government, to the very government who has been stealing them of their rights as citizens of the democratic land.

These leaders do whatever they want to, steal the money which is rightfully ours and then tell us to pay more money.

We pay taxes on the basic necessities of life which should be provided to us for free, being the citizens of the country. Money is deducted from our accounts when we make a transaction of 50K or more, we pay taxes on the vegetables, fruits, and other eatables.

There is a tax on anything and everything you can think of, but we don’t try to find ways of not paying it to the state like our leaders with their accounts filled with money do.

They have been toying with us for far too long now, now we need an answer to our question if they are not paying tax why should we?

It is not about following a particular party, it is about telling right from wrong. This is the right of our people which they so easily try to justify to be theirs. This is the right of our children, not a mean to send theirs to foreign schools, this is our hard earned money and they have to answer us regarding it, even if they think they don’t have to answer the Jurisdiction.

This is not a question for the state or the laws of our land, this is a question for the representatives of this state. We want to play our part and help our state grow but how do they expect us to trust them with the money we want to be used for our country;s prosperity when we know that they don’t share our emotions.

We hope that justice is done at the end of it, and people are awake enough to make the right decision for themselves in the next elections.


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