The Fine Arts in Peshawar can leave you completely mesmerized


Peshawar being the city of flowers has always got its numerous colors, and its youth is it’s the biggest asset. Though the city has been badly affected by terrorist activities in the past but despite all these damages, it’s youth didn’t lose its passion for emerging and projecting their talent through their artwork.

Recently final thesis of fashion designing was conducted by fine arts department in Pluta Hall of Peshawar University. The artwork presented in the thesis was so mesmerizing and impressively creative that one couldn’t shut eyes to it.

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The thesis held at Peshawar University projected the art of different categories, starting from interior designing to painting and from dress designing to ornaments designing. Every piece of art was delivering a message, a message of love, a message of hope, a message of equality, a message of peace and a message of happiness and prosperity.


The field of fine arts is still considered as underdeveloped in Pakistan, and it’s students suffer a lot as there is less scope of fine arts in Pakistan. Though fashion designing and interior designing are now getting much appreciation in the country but still in a city like Peshawar, there is no such platform for fine arts’ students to emerge. In the whole country, there is only one big institute for students of Arts which is in Lahore i-e NCA and not everyone from Pakistan could afford to leave for Lahore from their hometown which is the main hurdle towards their dream of pursuing fine arts.

The government should take steps like conducting art exhibitions and galleries to promote the young artists and build more art schools in different cities of Pakistan so no one could be deprived of fulfilling their goals.

Art, undeniably, is conductive to happiness so it should be promoted in the cities like Peshawar and Pakistani artists must be respected and given a proper platform to project their work to the whole world.



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