First a cricketer, now a singer in politics. Who’s next?


Initially, we know of Imran Khan who was a cricketer and joined politics. Now we see a very well known singer, Jawad Ahmed, moving forward to join politics in Pakistan as well!

It has been reported that on Monday, 15th May, Jawad Ahmed got his political party registered for contesting electorally. The highly motivated singer says he wants to join politics and says his political party will be following the leftist policies.

Of course we see a great amount of youth with Imran Khan. We see them being very enthusiastic, and perhaps we’ve seen Imran Khan quite desperately wanting to serve the nation as being the Prime Minister. Do you guys remember Veena Malik, who, throwing back to 2012, said she may join politics in Pakistan?

Oh God no, she’s not the only one!  Eventually, in 2013 we saw Meera the actress, notorious for her English speaking skills, wanting to join politics as well.

We move on to 2017, where now Jawad Ahmed, very well known for his singing skills, wants to contest with a new political party?! He has yet not announced the name of his political party and says he will make an announcement as soon as the registration is complete. He is also quite hopeful for the elections of 2018 and says he will win a great amount of support from the whole nation.

Pakistan in the hand of cricketers, actresses, and now a singer? However, this singer wants his party to work for the common man, especially to enhance their average wages and their living standards. But, “Mein tenu samjhawan ki”, Jawad Ahmed? (Pun intended) Let’s leave politics in the hand of professionals who would rather just sit and make new metro buses, roads, and make fake promises such as the establishment of the bullet train, instead of actually paying attention to quick justice which is need of the hour in our country.


But then again, Lord help us, and our precious Pakistan, if it ever falls into the hands of actresses such as Meera or Veena. And now, a singer. Looks like the worse is yet to come!


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