Blind student completed PhD
Aziza Saeed pictured with Vice Chancellor GC University Lahore

Life much tougher than others for a blind student yet managed to get her aims fulfilled is an inspiring story of Aziza Saeed.

Aziza is the first ever student of the Government College (GC) the University of Lahore to have her Ph.D.

Initial life 

She was blind by birth but much stronger to achieve anything in life. Though her mother always worried about her sightlessness.

“I was very worried when we came to know about her blindness and how she will live her life without a sight,” Aziza’s mother said.

Aziza’s struggle 

With the hard work and devotion, she pursued her studies, successfully faced and passed the hurdles in the way.

However, the process of learning never remained easy for the blind student. She used to record the books and then write them in braille after listening to the recordings.

The exercise didn’t stop here as then she used to dictate the work to her sister and get it checked by the supervisor.

“Our one PhD is equal to all of the abled’s ten PhDs,” Aziza Saeed apprised while talking about the struggle involved in becoming a PhD.

Role Model 

Despite the lack of the eyesight, the girl managed to reach the peak of success is not less than a hero.

“She is a role model and source of encouragement for everyone,” Vice Chancellor GC University remarked about Aziza.

Education and Career

Before completing her Ph.D. in “Immigrants and their Issues” the strong girl worked as a lecturer at Lahore College for Women University.

She has also completed her Masters and M.Phil from the GC University Lahore.

Furthermore, the young Dauntless lady continued her teaching alongside her studies.

While being a teacher, she is an inspiration and learning institute for her students.

Her amazing singing abilities 

Besides landmark performance in the academic field, Aziza also masters the art of singing with her extremely beautiful voice.

Aziza’s strong approach

Living and passing the hurdles with her white stick, Aziza managed to be on the top.

“We all face troubles in our lives and get discouraged by the others but we have to keep faith in our abilities by believing that nothing is impossible.” Aziza further said.

The high achiever also asked not to look down on any disabled as they are also equally capable of working as others.

She also aspires to become an army official if she would have blessed with a sight.

Aziza Saeed is an epitome of courage for everyone, she aptly proved that nothing is impossible if there is a will, devotion, and hard work.


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