Peshawar Nazim Mohammad Asim Khan confirmed that a PTI worker died who was a resident of Pehtal. A Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) worker succumbed to injuries today after he was wounded in Swabi after police clashed with protesters.

Led by KP Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, PTI workers were on their way to the capital on Monday night when they encountered intense tear gas shelling by police on Haroonabad bridge in Swabi.

Will somebody stop this brutal clashes?

Is this democracy? How is it different from the dictatorships? And why there is no value of human life here in Pakistan? Police and Frontier Constabulary personnel used tear gas shells to try and disperse thousands of stick-wielding party workers when they tried to remove barricades put in place by police.

Imran Khan tweeted that police used lethal and expired tear gas and that is why he advised Pervez Khattak to retreat to Swabi, regroup, rest, and get reinforcements.

I still don’t understand that why police are directed to use tear gas in the first place and why the government is of the opinion that they should not allow PTI to stage a procession or a dharna.

On the very first clash, 2 days back when police used this tear gas to disperse protesters near lal Haveli (Rawalpindi), a child died, and now a PTI worker dies.

Child’s father knew that he would not get any justice from the system; therefore, he was hopeless and announced in distress that he would handle this matter hereafter on the day of judgment.

Civilized nations respect and strengthen their judicial systems, they have trust in their courts and in such a situations which we are facing in Pakistan, Courts facilitate the two parties, but this is the land of corruption and injustice, where everyone says “mein na manon (I will not obey)”.

Yes, we want that Panama leaks matter should come to an end and the people who malpractice and looted our precious money should be identified even if the path goes to the PM house. The public should get the justice, the doors should be brought to the law, and the accountability should be practiced. In no way, we want a civil war in this country. Will somebody stop this?



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