Five reasons you need to start loving Mondays


Many of you don’t know but yes Monday blues is nothing but a myth. According to the Institute of Work Psychology┬áin Sheffield University, Monday blues is just a myth and it’s totally untrue that we feel gloomy on Mondays and on their mornings.

So, you need to chill out when on Sunday night, you are busy lying on your bed while munching snacks and watching your favourite movie; you instantly realize that you have to wake up early in the morning at eight.

There are five reasons to chill out and feel good about Mondays rather than being depressed.

1. Early morning breakfast

Monday mornings are the ones on which you get your breakfast right on time and that too a healthy one. The hot cup of chai add much bliss right at the start of the day and you simply can’t deny the benefits of the early morning breakfasts.

Mondays breakfast

2. Busy day

As it is rightly said that “being busy is a blessing” so Monday comes with a blessing to keep you engage in working tasks.

Busy Mondays

3. Mondays TV plays

All the best TV shows get aired on weekdays and begin on Mondays. The Indian soap serials lovers eagerly wait for the whole two days of weekend to end; so they can enjoy the next episodes of their favourite shows. Monday comes with lots of excitement as well.

Mondays TV plays

4. Well set routine

Monday gives you a proper schedule and routine rather than messy environment. The organization and punctuality are the gifts, only Mondays give you.


5. Being active and energetic

The first day of the week shrugs off all the laziness and the workload let even the laziest ones to become active and get done with the day’s tasks as soon as they can.


So, lets break the stereotype of the Monday blues and love the day to its fullest as it deserves to be. Furthermore, you can ask an unemployed person, the importance of this day.


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