fontgate hype solved

We would start off by saying that we don’t think that one font can decide the fate a family who has been getting away with things much serious than this, JIT made a 4000 pages report and we are sure that there are evidence and arguments much stronger than this one in it which proves their stance. A simple ‘Fontgate’ argument is not strong enough to prove the Sharif Family guilty.

The use of Calibri does not undeniably prove that Maryam Nawaz submitted forged documents to the court because it was not IMPOSSIBLE to use that font before January 2007.

According to Mircosoft, the font was available in November 2005 as a part of beta releases and also earlier that year with Windows Vista beta Longhorn. It was also available to license and download from Microsoft’s official website.

Some people are arguing that it is highly unlikely that they would have downloaded that earlier version as those are mostly meant for geeks and beta testers, saying that Sharifs’ don’t come off as tech-savvy enough to be downloading this from the Microsoft website, but that does that prove that they forged the documents for sure? No, it doesn’t.

The Sharifs’ can easily prove that it was indeed POSSIBLE for them to us that font in February 2006, defying the Fontgate hype.

There are two major reasons for that, there were pirated version Softwares available in 2005/2006 not only in Pakistan but all over the world.These Softwares could be downloaded and sold at very cheap rates.

The second and more important reason is that the trust deed was not printed on the UK law firm’s letterhead, it was on a plain A4 paper from which the Sharif’s can easily claim that it was typed by an employee in Pakistan who probably used a PC which had the pirated software or the laptop used has the pirated license preinstalled.

This would only convict Sharifs’ of using a pirated software and violating Microsoft license terms.

This Fontgate hype has made the naive people of the country, somehow, believe that this has proven to be a revelation in the Sharifs’ case and has sealed their fate with it.

The Fontgate is the most trending hashtag right now on Twitter and it doesn’t seem like its going to fade away soon. The gullible people of Pakistan are discussing this mania as if it is the only thing which will either make or break the case for the Sharifs’.

We need to realize the fact that this is just one observation out of many made by JIT. They have submitted a lengthy report with many facts and figures to support their arguments, they are not basing them on this minor detail. There is a still a volume 10 which is yet to be disclosed and said to have crucial and decisive information in it.

Why the media and the people are giving this Fontgate mania such hype is beyond us. We just hope that by reading this, people would stop focusing on it and start realizing that it is just one observation out of many. There are hundreds of pages of allegations and accusations which proves that they were involved in corruption worth billions of rupees, depending on Calibri argument to convict them would not be enough.





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