One can never go wrong with food at Arcadian Cafe!

Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe has undoubtedly been my number 1 place to go to for food, because believe it or not, every dish I have ever tried here has had its own different taste and I have never been disappointed in the food I have ordered here.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said I always try something different when I go to Arcadian, and every dish is always better than the last. The taste and quantity of the food is just amazing, and the prices are a perfect fit for whatever you order.

The ambiance is great, the service is quick, waiters are nice and very cooperative! There always seems to be a manager up front who personally goes to every table to ask if the food is okay and if we need anything else.

How helpful is that? Moreover, the waiter’s are great with their suggestions in what kind of dish you’d want. You just tell them whether you want something spicy or creamy, are you in the mood of pastas or steaks, and Ranging between a wide variety of cuisines, they’ll suggest you a dish which will be exactly what you had hoped for.

I’m a regular visitor of Arcadian Cafe, every other week I go have lunch with a friend or family member there and I never regret anything I try.

Just today I ordered the Pan Fried Artichoke Chicken, and just a single bite of it felt like I had a volcano of cheese and chicken erupting in my mouth.

The cheese mixed with spinach is the covering of a big chicken fillet, under which you have potato covered in crumbs. It’s so delicious, I’m sure your mouth will water just as you look at it:

Arcadian Cafe
By God, if I have to recommend anyone anything on the menu now after Arcadian’s pastas, I have to say, you have to try their Pan Fried Artichoke Chicken, and you won’t regret it one bit!

Moreover, no Arcadian visit is ever complete without having their mouth-watering molten lava cake for dessert. I rank it in one of the best places to go to for desserts in Lahore, it’s a must try. I never really go anywhere anymore for lava cakes ever since my friends have introduced me to this one! Here’s what it looks like:

Arcadian Cafe
If you take a suggestion from me based on what to get for starters, I’d say, try their Wasabi prawns. It’s a plate of 6 humungous prawns, just what you need to start a wonderful meal. Arcadian Cafe is definitely my most favorite place in Lahore to have food at, and I suggest if you haven’t been there yet, it should be the next restaurant on your list of restaurants you want to try!


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