Cristiano Ronaldo

After eight months of Panama Leaks, here comes the Football Leaks, the tax evasion scandal of football players. Data having the size of more than two terabytes includes the copies of contracts and proof of money footballers have transferred illegally to evade tax.

According to the leaked documents by the consortium of journalists, the famous football player Christiano Ronaldo who belongs to the Real Madrid has saved millions of dollars by evading tax on his huge income from football.

Documents reveal that Ronaldo transferred 677 million dollars in the British Virgin Islands while Hozemey transferred 10 Lakh pounds into a Swiss account of a company.

The manager of Manchester United, Hozmey Mourinho also been accused by saving dollars while transferring money to British Virgin Islands Illegally.

Football agency Gestifute that represents both these players has rebutted these accusations. Agency has also told that both Ronaldo and  Hozmey completely respected and abided by the Spanish and Britain Law. Hence all these allegations are baseless.

The International consortium of journalists has revealed almost 180 million documents that prove the tax evasion by many other football players too.

The revelation of Panama Leaks and Football Leaks just testify the fact, how politicians and other influential personalities around the globe evade their tax obligation to gain more financial strength.


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