illegal housing schemes in pakistan
Do you know how many illegal housing schemes are popping up in Pakistan every day? The number would just frighten you
English breakfast in lahore
Catching breakfast with your friends before classes or with your family on a Lazy Sunday morning can be lovely. Here are the best ones in Lahore
touchless transactions mastercard
Amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, Mastercard reports an increase in touchless transactions as people prefer paying through a card than paying in cash
Irrfan Khan
The famous Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan died after battling Neuroendocrine Tumors for the past two years. Here's what he has left for all of his fans
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People are more conscious about their fitness than ever. If going gym every day isn't your cup of tea, try investing in these 3 exercise machines at home
Dirilis Ertugrul
Being called as the Islamic version of Game of Thrones, what is this Dirilis Ertugrul? Why is it giving rise to such admiration and disgust?
coronavirus ideas for nic
The spread of Coronavirus has alarmed the world. The government and NIC are looking for ideas from the public to fight the outbreak and its after-effects.
coronavirus face masks in pakistan
Ever since the Coronavirus has hit Pakistan, street vendors have started selling ineffective coronavirus face masks that may increase the spread of the virus instead
coronavirus test kits
Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Pakistanis scientists have created the prototype of locally made coronavirus test kits that are ready to undergo mass production