Emma Stone at Golden Globe Awards 2017

The audience witnessed the funniest scene of the Golden Globe Awards in the form of an awkward hug from Emma Stone.

The scene just happened when the beautiful Emma Stone turned backward to embrace the Damien Chazelle, the director, and writer of the La La Land that one the Gold Globe for the best screenplay.

Perhaps, she didn’t know that man was already busy and couldn’t answer her warm greetings., that’s why Emma Stone’s hug turned out to be a horrible failure.

No doubts, that those who win the award often become very emotional and can’t pay heed to the right moment for greeting their friends, but Emma’s sudden try to be the first one just ended up providing another icon of weirdness. The bloggers may note this Gif for using under any appropriate content in future.

The lady also made for one of the best looks of the event, but her awkward and a sudden hug failure has surely come out as a surprise entertainment for the audience.

Such incidents are very common on the award shows, so there are chances that Emma Stone wouldn’t have taken too much time for getting over the embarrassment.


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