Gawadar Airport

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan decided to close down the Gawadar International Airport due to the expanded work on the runway as the airport is already under construction. The Gawadar airport will remain closed from 1st of July to its 30th and no alternative runway has been chosen by the authorities yet.

The Gawadar Airport carries huge importance because of the geographical and strategical significance of the Gawadar city. Gawadar in recent years because of its importance in the region, therefore, witnessed multiple development projects by the Government.

The construction of the airport of international standard is to facilitate the smooth movement of international investors and visitors in the region for the purpose of investment and business.

The airport is also a part of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) short term plan and is of prime importance in the project for the movement of goods and regulation of trade.

CPEC will make Gawadar an economic center and in course of it, an emphasis has been given on the development of the airport. The government has also directed CAA to speed up the construction work on the Gawadar airport.

About Rs.22 billion will be expended on the construction work of Gawadar International Airport that will be completed in October. The grant has already been approved by the Chinese Government for the developmental work of the airport to make it to international level. The Chinese Government will also provide funds for the smooth regulation of construction work of the airport.

The airport will provide both domestic and international passengers a quality movement and facilities; also the construction of the airport in Gawadar will provide the employment chances to many local people.

According to the Chief Secretary of Balochistan, Saifullah Chatta, Gawadar airport would provide for the needs of Gawadar deep-sea port, as it would become the cardinal and prime venue for CPEC.

“It will be the largest international airport in the Balochistan province,” Saifullah Chatta said.

The significance of the Gawadar led the Government to develop the airport as per international level. It would not only facilitate the passengers but will also aid in the economical prosperity of Pakistan as a result of trade development due to CPEC.


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