Women cricketers deprived of transport by PCB
Nashra Sandhu picked up by father on motorcycle after return from World Cup 2017

Pakistan women cricketers when returned to the home on Monday morning after playing in ICC Women’s World Cup 2017, there were terribly humiliated by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Not even a single official of PCB was at the airport to receive the girls in green.

Neither any transport has provided to the cricketers; many of the Women players were picked up by their own families and traveled to home via rickshaws.

One of the cricketers, Nashra Sandhu, was also seen picking up by her father on the motorcycle.

PCB ignored and insulted the girls as it failed to provide any transport facility to their women cricketers.

The scenes took us back to 90’s when the team was given no privileges due to lack of sources.

Today, PCB officials are getting high salaries, and all the required facilities have provided to them. Still, they deprived their girls of the proper transport.

This treatment from PCB seemed to be the result of the worst performance of the team in ICC Women World Cup 2017 in England where they lost all the seven matches.

Reportedly, Sheheryar Khan, the Chairman of PCB is not happy with the team, and significant changes might take place in the team.

Rumors of Sana Mir’s dismissal as captain also appeared on the scene, and Bismah Maroof might replace her.

But the dirty politics and factionalism of PCB can not be shrugged off too that is equally responsible for their back to back defeats.

Also, the team had no sponsors and proper sports equipment. Furthermore, there was a lack of appropriate training grounds and coaches.

All these lacking factors played due role in the poor performance of the Women Cricketers in the World Cup.

The responsibility of all these defects lies on PCB which smoothly disregarded the team for losses instead of accepting their failure. PCB recently also failed to keep the PSL clean from misconduct.

Also, one of the board’s officials, once summoned by FIA in illegalities in four projects of PCB, which shows that cricket board itself is not corruption free resulting in weak performances of players.

However, the humiliating treatment of PCB to the girls points out the prejudicial attitude of the gender biased board towards men and women cricketers.

Despite worst performances, men in green always get PCB’s support; it never deprives boys of any reception and transport.

It’s been just a few years since the Women Cricket Team has established, and they will take the time to emerge on the scene as heroes.

But with board’s such gender biased treatment, not only the morale of team will get lower, but it will also not encourage the girls at home to come out and play cricket.


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