Raheel Sharif Head of Islamic World

According to media reports Ex-Army Chief Gen Raheel Sharif has conditionally agreed to head IMAFT (Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism) a coalition of Islamic World.

It is said that General Raheel Sharif put a condition that he would be given authority to play a conciliatory role between the warrior groups. If his role is all about commanding an army that would only side a particular group, then he wouldn’t accept the said position.

As far as the situation in Yemen is concerned, Iran has ensured to agree upon the Pakistan’s role as a mediator and General Raheel Sharif’s role as a conciliatory. Such agreement on behalf of Iran implies that if Gen Raheel admits heading IMAFT, then It would not only allow Raheel Sharif to control matters but also support him for bringing the rebels to the table.

Gen Raheel has already expressed his desire to play the role of conciliatory before the Saudi King Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz during a meeting with him.

Still, the news is not confirmed whether ex-Army chief made some  agreement or not, but if he agrees to take charge of IMAFT, then Islamic world would be able to benefit from his experience and expertise for combating the threat of terrorism.


Saudi defence minister Prince Muhammad Bin Salman had announced the plan to form of an Army from all the Islamic countries on December 15, 2015. Initially, the alliance consisting of 34 countries was established in March 2016. Not all the countries that are part of this coalition has proposed to make an Islamic countries’ army. Then Chief of Pakistan Army was offered to head the alliance, but he had put the condition of accepting his role as conciliatory.


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