Get Your Vehicle Number Plate Info From The Excise Website


Recently, the Tranzum Companies & Services (TCS) authorities returned more than two lac vehicle registration plates to the Excise department after placing various objections on them. Now, the management has uploaded the data of these number plates on the web.

Earlier, according to the senior officials, citizens faced many difficulties in acquiring the number plates. To ease down the process, authorities have published the details of all the pending number plates in Punjab on Excise’s website.

Vehicle owners can now get the information regarding their number plates from the website and acquire the desired plates.

When a citizen enters the number of his/her vehicle on the website, it will show all the details of the number plate and the relevant office’s location from where he could get it.

To look up any number plate information, click here.

According to the TCS, the company could not deliver the number plates to the owners due to incorrect or incomplete addresses that were mentioned on the parcels.

Moreover, the government has also launched the Dealer Vehicle Registration System (DVRS) in Punjab to assist the citizens in getting the number plate from the vehicle’s sale point.

Before this step, customers had to wait for months before the plates could finally reach their home address. In a few cases, they wouldn’t get the plates even after months. It was a headache for the people to get their vehicles registered. In this drive to ease down the process, the E&T department would get the fee upfront from the car buyer, who would be asked to expect the registration plates through courier.

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  1. AAB 1257 & AAB 3871 have been registered in the Month of Aug 2020, but the number plates not yet received. کیا بات ہے تحریک انصاف کی۔

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