Indian Bride tweet

Purvi Thacker, an Indian bride, used the social media platform to criticize Indian government as she wanted her Pakistani friend by her side on the biggest day of her life.

Sarah Munir, a Pakistani citizen, working in the US, was rejected an Indian visa to attend Purvi’s wedding next month in India despite having visited the country before. In hopes to appeal the denied permit, the two best friends are now on a mission to spread their story until it reaches the ‘right’ people.

We can understand the hustling, the paperwork, and the months of coordination and prayers of the girls which met rejection in the end.

Pakistan and India are two neighbors, and they should live as neighbors do, our relations are hostile due to extremist elements in the country, but since BJP has the government in India. Extremist philosophies and agendas are on the move by the government.

Purvi with Twitter handle @purvi21 pleaded to Sushma Swaraj, Indian foreign minister on humanitarian grounds.

The girl added, “It’s incredibly sad that even though we have never let religion, nationalities, our shared history, and even cricket come between us, incidents like this repeatedly make us feel like we should.

It is understandable that Indian government is playing the politics of votes by going anti-Pakistan, but normal mundane things like human relationships and connections should not be disturbed.

Tension over the Himalayan region has run high since September, India is committing serious atrocities and genocides in Kashmir, already chilly relations have gone into the deep freeze due to President Modi’s policy.

We also plea to relevant authorities that these mutual bad relations should not affect the citizens from both sides as they share same tastes and roots.

People from both sides want to live in harmony and peace; it’s the high time that Indian government realize that what they will not be able to continue the politics of blames and war, eventually their people will fail them.


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