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Gharida Farooqi Fired from Express News after Child Abuse Case?

Gharida Farooqi, a renown Pakistani TV anchor, is rumored to be fired from Express-News following the child abuse case.

As we previously reported, Gharidah Farooqi was keeping 15 years old Sonia at her home in forceful detention and refused to let her parents meet the child.

Sonia’s family filed a petition yesterday with the Session Court, demanding legal action against the respondent and the custody of the child.

Following the complaint, Additional District and Sessions Judge Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry directed the SHO of Sundar police to recover the detained child and produce her before the court.

The police successfully recovered Sonia from Gharida Farooqi’s place and presented her in the court where the judge handed over the custody of the child to her father.

According to various media reports, Express TV fired the anchor of popular TV show G for Gharidah after she was found to be involved in the case surrounding abuse of a child maid.

Reportedly, Farooqi was already plagued with many problems at work, and this case proved to be the final nail in the coffin. The channel has not yet confirmed the news of the TV anchor’s expulsion.

It is worrying when those whose job is to bring people to justice and hold public figures accountable, get caught up in such scandalous circumstances.

Gharida Farooqi has worked with pretty much all the major news agencies in Pakistan including PTV, Geo, Duniya, and Samaa.

It is encouraging that the girl’s parents, who belong to the low-income strata, were able to get justice for their daughter. Social media’s role in the case and the pressure it built surely cannot be overlooked.

Before the recovery of Sonia, the alleged sound recordings of Gharida Farooqi and a woman named Shazia were widely circulated on social media.


  1. Great to know. She must not be welcomed by any other media channel at least until she get punishment for this sin.

    Ideally she lost her credibility and can’t be trusted so she must be banded to come in any media

  2. Just goes to show the true colours of these high class people. Stupid bitch, apni koi olad nei ho gi is lieh logon ki bachion keh Saath zulm karthi hai. Zuban suno is ohrath ki. 1st class slag.


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