Gharidah Farooqi
Gharidah Farooqi

Gharidah Farooqi, the famous journalist who was in recent days accused of committing child abuse at home, recently tried to justify her position and rejected all the accusations on her by regarding the whole as a false conspiracy against her.

Gharidah maintained that the girl was not at all living under any restrictions and was allowed to meet her parents.

“She was constantly in touch with her parents, and the call record of this fact is present too,” Farooqi said.

The journalist also clarified that girl was declared as an adult when brought to her home for work.

The talk show host also shared the girl’s pictures of Eid-ul-Fitr to support her statements.

She further called the whole as an untrue and disgusting campaign for infringing her image. According to her, the maid was not only getting a proper education but was also learning Quran at the anchor’s house.

It was further apprised that the housemaid was properly getting paid and it was remained to her father to receive the payment if he doesn’t collect the salary on time.

“Also there are pieces of evidence and witnesses of how much respectfully and kindly the girl was being treated,” Gharidah stated.

Reportedly, the Session Court also issued a detailed order in this child abuse case involving the renowned anchor.

However, talking about the leaked phone call, the host tried to maintain that the woman on call wasn’t the girl’s mother but a blackmailer.

She further spoke of the blackmailing she had been facing from some time, and the leaked recorded call was part of all the threats she received in the past.

“The purpose of recording any call is to blackmail, and the phone call was made with some proper mindset of invoking me to react on false allegations,” the talk show host said.

Gharidah Farooqi also added that whatever she said on the phone call was just a furious reaction to flawed and untrue accusations which is natural.

She also publicly apologized for her words which she utters in anger on the leaked call.

Gharidah after trying much to justify her position in the child abuse case at the end requested everyone not to be part of the malicious campaign running against her.

However, the facts about the issue could be sought out only after the proper investigation.


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