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A girl can fall really deeply in love with you, and she might put up with you for a very long time. However, if she has fallen out of love with you, she will act as the exact opposite of what she did when she was in a happy relationship with you! Notice these things in your girls now guys, and figure out if you’re giving her way to fall out of love with you:

They don’t get protective anymore:

She might have been really protective and slightly possessive towards you when you two were in a relationship, but when she starts to feel distant to you, she will get over being protective and possessive towards you.

They don’t dress up for you:

Remember when you two went out on your first date and she dressed up as the most beautiful woman on the planet? Compare it to today’s dates, does she really put in an effort to dress up and look pretty for you when you two go out on a date together?

You’re not the first thing on their mind anymore:

Well… she can keep herself busy more often now. She will think about perhaps work, a haircut, new clothes or a mani pedi in the morning when she wakes up instead of talking to you first thing.

They don’t try their hardest to see you anymore:

They’d rather take other plans than see you. They’ll go out with their girl friends or family, and prefer their hangouts over your dates.

They start getting annoyed pretty easily:

The girl will start to make an issue about almost anything. That’s when you know she’s upset and something is bothering her.

They don’t compromise anymore:

They will not compromise in any case now, perhaps, because they just want it all to end now?

Paying attention kinda becomes a chore:

They make you feel like they have ADHD… its so easy for them to lose their attention towards you and start talking or thinking about something else.

They don’t make an effort to talk to you:

They’d rather read a book or go out alone to get themselves coffee, and they’ll avoid making conversation as much as they can by making up the lamest excuses.

They get bored around you easily:

Yes guys! You once made them laugh their hearts out? They are now bored of the same lame jokes you crack all the time.

The point of this whole article is not to tell that girls will get bored of you with time, but to bring to light the fact that women need to be treated with attention and care almost always. Once they feel the attention and care being lost from your side, you will start to feel the presence of all the above mentioned points.



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