Go Nawaz Go at WWE Raw

Famous Pakistani catchphrase Go Nawaz Go that became prominent during PTI’s movement to ousted the PML-N government has finally made it to WWE.

The incident happened when Triple H came to talk about Seth Rollins on wrestling show Monday Night Raw. Most probably, a Triple H fan sitting in the audience was lifting a green poster with Go Nawaz Slogan.

The incident marks nothing but another milestone for the popularity of the very slogan that echoed through Qaddafi Stadium at the closing ceremony of PSL 2017 when chairman PSL Najam Sethi was addressing.

It is very hard to bar the public from expressing their political ideologies at the sporting events. The case with Go Nawaz Go is quite contrary, the phrase keeps on popping up as a rhyme or some popular song marking itself as an essential part of the lifestyle.

When it comes to Pakistanis then do doubt they love to do crazy things to entertain people; whether it is an exhibition of politics at WWE or wrestling at a desi wedding, everything can be expected from them.

Earlier, a Pakistani man had made headlines for celebrating a WWE themed wedding ceremony and showed up in a guise of Triple-H.


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