Abdul Sattar Edhi

Google has paid tribute to the World’s great humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi on his 89th Birthday, by featuring him on its homepage.

Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away on July 8, 2016; the man spent his entire life in working for the poor and helpless segments of the society through his internationally recognized organization Edhi foundation that is the world’s biggest provider of ambulance service.

Abdul Sattar Edhi who used the only parameter of humanity to serve his fellow beings without discrimination was the man who took the social welfare to a new level. Helping widows, providing shelter to orphans and adopting the infants whom their biological parents would otherwise kill, are very few to name services that his organization provides.

When someone asked him why do you help non-Muslims, Edhi replied,

“My ambulance is more Muslim than you.”

One of his most courageous steps was to take the corpses out of filthy water passages and coffin them when their family members refused to do so. Personally, he led a very humble lifestyle that was inevitably devoid of any show and pomp.

He along with his wife Bilquis Edhi brought up thousands of orphan kids, they are registered as guardian and parents of thousands of kids.

Working for human cause and helping the fellow beings even at personal expense was something deeply rooted within his self.

According to certain tales, When Abdul Sattar Edhi was a school going kid his mother used to give him two pennies, one to spend on himself while one for giving to a friend who needed it. A man who is being trained to console and help his fellow human beings since his early childhood deserves to become Abdul Sattar Edhi; an icon of philanthropy.


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