Attack by Indian Hackers

The government has directed the concerned authorities to take preventive measures against the cyber espionage by Indian hackers after finding that Indian agencies were active to get into the mobile phones of Pakistani users through malicious links.

In a notice issued by the Federal Cabinet Division of National Telecom and Information Technology Security Board to concerned departments, the government has asked relevant authorities to take preventive actions to stop the harms of malicious links.

Whats app spionage by Indian Hackers

Whatsapp messenger which is popular worldwide has recently launched its video calling feature and users are downloading the new feature from any link. The hackers have taken advantage of this new opportunity, and they are using scam links that offer to download the feature, but in actual they allow the attacker access to the mobile phone system. Mostly, Android users are more vulnerable to such links.

Once the mobile phone is hacked victim’s personal data is more likely to be misused causing any trouble to him, so it is necessary to beware of any such scams.

It is directed that users should never click on such link and preferably download the app from play store or any trusted resource only. Last year, many other skirmishes were also observed in the field of cyber warfare between India and Pakistan.


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