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Has government banned mobile phones at the Foreign Office?

The political drama in the midst of Panama Leaks is at its height. Every day there is something new, and the panic among PML-N government seems to be rising. Although the PM’s family has been facing the investigation, however, PM still denies his linkage with the scandal.

In the latest development that certainly shows the state of uncertainty and fear, the government has reportedly issued a circular for the Pakistani Foreign Ministry that forbids all the office’s staff to stop using the mobile phones that have built in cameras, ARY reports.

The story goes like this that media had reported about a letter that was written by the government of Pakistan to the government of UAE requesting for a possible PM Nawaz’s meeting with the head of UAE.

The letter was written after it was revealed in the JIT report about the pieces of evidence UAE government had provided to the committee regarding Panama Leaks.

In order to undo the damage and control the situation, a letter was written by the foreign office to the UAE government for a possible meeting of PM with the counterpart. The letter was leaked on July 13 by the TV channel.

In the following day, a circular was issued that banned the office staff from bringing any kind of mobile phone that has a camera built in, effective from July 18th.

It would be interesting to see how it will be implemented as all the phones that are sold in Pakistan have some sort of camera installed in them and how staff will be able to communicate with each other and rest of the world would be even worth knowing.


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