Punjab governmen spends three imes more on Lahorethree times more on Lahore

Punjab government continues its policy of discriminating among the districts of its province by using a significant chunk of its budget for developmental projects in Lahore only.

According to media reports, Accountant General of Pakistan has revealed that from a total budget of PKR 1680bn for the 36 districts of Punjab, almost PKR 600bn is used by Lahore only while PKR 265bn for the rest of 35 districts. The fact implies that population of only one million gets three times more funds than the 8 million population from other cities.

Punjab always remains under criticism that it enjoys more share of the budget than other provinces. Now, the discrimination among the districts of Punjab is also causing major economic disrupt in the form of enhanced burden not Lahore and deprivation in rest of the cities.

Despite, developing the small cities and towns government is just concentrating the resources within one City. Billions of rupees are spent on the name of Metro bus and Orange line train, carpeting the roads and developing infrastructure in Lahore while rest of the cities are struggling to get access to the very basic amenities of the life. The poor condition of education, health, and sanitation is only crippling the economic development.

Even in Lahore, the government is not able to set its priorities right. People don’t have clean drinking water, patients from the adjoining towns rush towards the hospitals resulting in overcrowdedness and while making the already available health facilities to be insufficient.

We already know that impact of unequal distribution of resources simply comes in the form of anarchy and internal disputes as the situation of Balochistan makes it much evident. Southern Punjab which much less developed than other cities of the province is already demanding separation but the issue is that condition in rest of the Punjab is also not better.

Siraiki belt is not the only region in Punjab that is facing disparity situation with rest of the provinces is not much different. If the same position continued to exist, then the outcome would be anarchy and instability resulting from the centralization of resources.




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