Govt appointed another handpicked – OGRA now


Here comes the recent incident of violation of merit in OGRA where choice and nepotism has surpassed the qualities, values and eligibility standards

OGRA has selected its new Senior Executive Director Media and corporate affairs on the choice basis by violating value and quality. Apparently, it has followed a proper process for hiring just for show but appointed a pre-decided person, curbing the rights of potential candidates.

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According to sources, the appointment of Mr. Imran Ghaznavi on the post of Senior Executive Director Media and Corporate Affairs was a pre-decided matter. The post is of much significance after Chairman and Members of authority. The man was selected from the five shortlisted candidates who were not only eligible but possessed more credibility in respect of their qualification after the interview was held on December, 15. They had a good regulatory experience of more than twenty years along with foreign degrees.

The concerned members involved in appointment also fear that decision would be challenged in the court due to a violation of merit by authorities. As a precautionary measure, the authority would issue the appointment letter tomorrow that is the last day of Member (Gas) in office.

OGRA has a very crucial role to play in the Regulation of Oil and Sector. Decisions made by the authority impact the public, government, and overall economy in the long run. Any mishap or wrong appointment can lead to mismanagement and adverse effects.


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