marriage of Imran Khan

The action of the anti terrorism court (ATC) of upholding the non-bailable warrants against the chairman PTI Imran Khan and the chief of Pakistan Awami League Dr. Tahirul Qadri is justified as a legal step because the FIRs registered against the two leaders are under terrorism act and the parties have not appeared in front of the court yet.

The six suspects who were also facing same charges but appeared in front of the court before have been exempted from the next appearances.

In Pakistan the laws that the parliament makes to help the people of this country are misused to serve political agendas and satisfy the rivalry.

A big example of this misuse is the mobbing of PTV during the sit-in arranged by PTI in 2014 and the registration of first information reports against the leaders of the sit-in; the FIRs are registered under the anti-terrorism act.

The anti terrorism court had ordered the police to produce the nominated persons before the court; some 70 people were nominated in the FIRs.

Recently, the court has inquired the police about not being able to produce the nominees and have issued arrest warrants of the main accused.

Now, legally speaking the action is valid and the court is right to ask for the physical appearance of the nominated people in the police complaint but it is the ethical grounds where the conflict lies.

Keeping the incidents that happened during the dharna and the mobbing, the government could have come up with a number of other legal clauses to criticize the attack and bring the culprits to justice yet it opted for a controversial use of the anti-terrorism act.

The law was passed to deal with the actual threats to the country and the public and instead, we can see a very improper use of the law.

It is not the first time that the law has been misused against political rivals; there are a lot of cases registered by or against members of MQM under the clauses these rivalries do not belong to.

The laws are made to keep the society peaceful and avoid confrontations; if the same laws are used to target individuals or rivals they lose their meanings.


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