Raheel Sharif Head of Islamic World

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif is just approaching his graceful retirement. He would be the first Army Chief to retire on time in last two decades as his predecessors General Musharraf and General Kayani had sought extensions.

He has already started his farewell visits to different army stations of the country. For instance, he visited the Lahore Garrison where he addressed to a gathering Army soldiers and Rangers and also thanked them.

Director Genera ISPR (Inter Serviced Public Relations) just made an announcement on Twitter about the visit of Army chief.

While addressing the soldiers, General Raheel Shareef talked about his accomplishments and achievements as an army chief that were indeed a tough task in extraordinary circumstances from which Pakistan is passing.

COAS said, “Our sacrifices and joint national resolve helped us in offsetting all odds against the country.”

After the General Musharraf call for the extension of Army Chief tenure, it was speculated that General Raheel would continue to serve further. Earlier in January, Military spokesperson had denounced the rumours about the extension of Army chief’s tenure and told that he would retire in November on the due date.

The rumours about the extension of his service were also roaming because many think tanks feared evil consequences due to change in military leadership.

General Raheel Sharif’s services as an Army Chief would be remembered due to his bravery, valour and courageous leadership. He took strong action against terrorists in the form of Operation Zarb-e-Azab and also cleaned the Karachi from sectarian militancy by taking the targeted action.  The launching of operation against terrorism by Army chief was indeed a courageous step as his predecessors always feared a blowback from the terrorists.

General Raheel Sharif also has the honour of becoming one of the most famous Army Chief in the history of Pakistan.


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