FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has taken notice of the extravagant and lavish wedding in Multan where families of bride and groom spent hundreds of million Rs. on the ceremony.

Regional Commissioner Income Tax Saleem Raza took notice of ceremony and notified families to reveal their income tax details till 24 March to the tax authorities.

Earlier Outlook Pakistan, while reporting the news had raised the issue why FBR doesn’t insist for income tax details of people who make such lavish and extravagant spendings that cause disturbance among different factions of society after exhibited publicly and created disparity among the people.

Irfan who is the resident of inner city Multan was married to the daughter of a deceased wrestler, in a lavish ceremony that presented groom wrapped in Sehra (headdress) made up of 50 Tola Gold, while riding a caged lion.

More than 15000 guests graced the ceremony where groom’s friends were throwing away currency notes to celebrate the occasion.

Bride ‘s family went an extra mile to surpass expenditures made by groom’s family and gave away dowry costing up to Rs. 500 million.

The gave motorbikes to cousins and friends of groom along with three dozen rings to his sisters and other female relatives, according to media reports.

Even, if families spent the money earned through legitimate means and met all their tax obligations then still a question arises whether such hefty expenditures should be allowed for wedding ceremonies? If lavish celebrations of private celebrations and public level are not interrupted timely, then they would become a norm which everyone would try to follow irrespective of the fact whether his social status permits or not.


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