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Leadership in any field demands a constant drive to be creative, innovative and inventive – to think out of the box and bring new ideas to fruition. In marketing, this entails continuous research and development (R&D) in technology and engineering design, an expensive and often a long term undertaking.

At Haier, the global innovator and market leader in home appliances, R&D coupled with an innate capacity to listen and respond to the market demand, is an integral part of the brand’s operations across all Haier industrial parks right around the world.

In keeping with this spirit, here at home, Haier Pakistan has announced the launch of a new line of washing machines called the 1128 series, which includes the world’s largest Twin Tub Washing Machine with a whopping 20 KG wash load and a spinning capacity of 14 KG. The machine which will prove to be a boon for large households and institutions alike incorporates much industry leading design and technology features.

The innovational ‘balancing system’ is designed to ensure faultless washing and spinning cycle even for heavy wash loads. Twin Water inflows combined with the storming water system will thoroughly wash and take the dirt out of washing. The Spraying Spinning lid will quickly remove foaming to leave your clothes free of any and all washing powder residue.

The new series includes five models of varying load capacities and will further strengthen Haier Pakistan’s leadership position in the home market.

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