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Brands like Haleeb sell poison in the name of tetra pack Milk; Report in SC

Did you know that Pakistani tetra pack milk brands like Haleeb are hell-bent on making you a superhuman? Well, if not then you are surely missing an incredible fact about you.

In ancient Egypt, a human body was preserved after its death, but in modern Pakistan, tetra pack milk brands are using the pre-planning approach, they are adding the formaldehyde, to the packaged milk so that you become immortal. Yes, after all making “Sub se Garha Doodh Haleeb” is not at all so easy.

Earlier in September, Supreme Court had ordered to conduct a chemical examination of the milk brands in Pakistan.

According to then submitted reports, dairy brands like Nestle Milk pack, Haleeb, Nurpur Milk, Dayfresh and Adam Milk contained heavy metals and chemical that were dangerous for human health.

During the hearing of the case against unhealthy tetra pack milk brands DG PFA (Punjab Food Authority) told that it had launched a crackdown against the unhygienic tetra pack milk brands. The authority fined the Achaa milk with PKR 500,000 fine, canceled the license of Al-Fazal Milk and took actions against the other brands.

Barrister Zafarullah Khan had filed the petition against Punjab Govt. for not taking any action for not taking steps against the tetra pack milk brands. Two-judges bench of Supreme Court consisting of Justice Saqib Nisar and Justice Azmat Saeed heard the case.

Tetrapack milk brands in Punjab are making you consume the stuff that average human body can never use usually. Just imagine eating detergent, shampoo or any such chemical stuff, can you eat; off course not but you are eating it from the years in the form of fresh milk preserved within the layers of a packaging.

Tetra pack milk is just a hoax

If you think that Tetra pack milk is just the natural milk kept after passing through pasteurization process then, you are the victim of a hoax. It is not milk at all.

Just a few chemicals including detergents, unhealthy edible oils, formaldehyde, Urea and additives to create artificial careem and other such stuff add up to make what we call a nutritious food necessary for the growth of children.

The fact is that we are just purchasing germs, sickness, and impurities in the name of nutrition. Tetrapack milk that we consume not only causes the diseases but also created the hormonal imbalance leading to malfunctioning of the body.



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