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Shouldn’t be a surprise to us, I suppose, because Pakistani children have kept making the nation proud of them from the very start.

Whether its someone like Aitzaz Hasan who would sacrifice his life for another 2000 students, Malala Yousafzai who is the youngest holder of the Nobel Peace Prize or its Hunain who scored 66 As in his CIE examination, Pakistani students just remind us of how much talent and intellect our country has.

Another boy has just come up now, named Hamid Khan who has secured 2A*s and 2A’s in his Alevels, securing his seat in 7 of the top universities in the world on a 100% scholarship. The universities who offered him admissions include: Harvard, Stanford, Colgate, Colby, Vanderbilt, Kenyon and Swarthmore.

Hamid Khan, a student of LGS from Islamabad, is overwhelmed and has decided that he will go to Harvard University for further studies. Although he has still not decided his degree, he says that he wants to study at Harvard due to the excellent humanities department, for his better academic growth, and several great opportunities in his professional life.

Talking about the application process, Hamid mentioned that it is lengthy and time consuming, however, you need to take one step at a time. Doing everything at once can be hectic, so its better to break the process into different steps and carry on with everything step by step. Hamid Khan’s school also helped him through several different information sessions on how to successfully apply abroad, and he specially thanks his principal, student Councillor, and his coordinators for the acceptances he received. Hamid speaks well of his teachers, and he cannot thank them enough for his achievements. He mentions that he has shared different relations with his teachers over the years, however, each one of them have helped him grow as a person differently, and he says that special teachers help improve a student’s character. Of course, with the support of his parents, and teachers alike, Hamid Khan has managed to successfully get through his applications.

He advices that when you’re applying in competitive schools abroad, although grades matter, but your essays, SAT, recommendations etc help the board determine whether the college wants to have you as a part of their community or not. Hence, make sure you work hard on these parts of your applications as well kids!

We wish Hamid the very best for his future as a student at Harvard University.


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