Hamza Ali Abbasi Karachi

Hamza Ali Abbasi who enjoys a huge fan following due to his fabulous acting remains in the news more because of his activities for a social cause rather than his performance.

The man also remains active on social media and never hesitates to express his opinion on any social issue. Recently, he has just joined another social cause to fulfill his wish of standing against the VIP culture in Karachi.

Hamza has just acceded to the #Fixit team with an aim to re-engineer a sophisticated Karachi while restoring the original glory of the city.

While expressing his sentiments about joining the campaign and praising the ambitions of the young leaders, Hamza wrote on Facebook, “When leaders rise from our youth, we must support them. It was a pleasure to stand with these motivated and passionate youngsters. Alamgir and his #Fixit team are working to fix Karachi and also demand and force the govt institutions to act. Please be updated on this movement and be a part of it.”

The #Fixit members till now placed more than 100 covers over the mainholes outside the Sindh Secretariat. A video posted by the #Fixit on Facebook also shows Hamza Ali Abbasi writing the #Fixit on the covers.

No doubt, that participation of a celebrity like Hamza in the movement would help it to gain momentum and get recognition, but we hope that youngsters don’t receive any fierce resistance like Hamza is habitual of facing for taking stances on different issues.

Having a look at the social media accounts of Hamza Ali Abbasi reveals that it has never been so smooth for him to talk on the taboos and express his opinions on any social matter, as people always become judgmental and criticize his thoughts by comparing them to the Hamza’s life. The actor is also the first among the first victims who fell under the wrath of government’s new cybercrime bill.


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