Harnaam Kaur Girl

Britain-based Harnaam Kaur is the youngest female with a full beard to be named in the Guinness Book of World Record.

The girl decided to grow the beard on her face as she suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, a disease that causes enormous hair growth on the entire body. According to her various interviews with media outlets. She often to wax the hairs but didn’t find it much comforting; she later decided to endorse her appearance.

Harnaam’s actions leave many lessons for a girl to learn. Does Wearing a full beard on the face makes any girl less female. The answer lies in why she wore did so. For Harnaam the reason is that she was suffering from a disease, but still endorsing her disorder proudly and confidently in public when it is considered to be a social taboo is indeed much courageous. Even for Harnaam, it was not much easy, as she had to face bullies in school for her unique and rather strange looks to other.

“Harnaam Kaur is in full flow when a young man passes our table. “He’s cute!” she grins before her hand flies to her mouth. “Oh no, he heard me!” It’s a typically girlish reflex, made no less so by the soft, black hair her hand covers”., writes the Homa Khaleeli of The Guardian.

Try to beat me; Pakistani women challenge the men

In the male chauvinist society where girls are compelled to pass through a self-torture by pulling out hairs from the delicate skin, in the name of beauty, likes of Harnaam Kaur are just a relaxation. When a girl can survive and live confidently with full facial hairs, then why can’t other girls who have healthy hair growths on their body.


There is no doubt that maintaining an appearance is a matter of choice but do our women bother to think, how many times they torment themselves by passing through a miserable process of so-called beautification and how they starve for maintaining a physique that is set by standards of this male dominated society. The example of Harnaam Kaur is nothing but a lesson that female can live according to the notion of “Be Yourself.”



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