HEC to end two years BA and MA degree programms


HEC (Higher Education Commission) has announced to abolish the two years degree programs in coming years.

According to media, HEC has decided to eliminate two years B.A and M.A degrees While replacing them with four years program. The process of introducing four years has already started in different colleges of Punjab.

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The fundamental reason for replacing two years degree with four years is to bring higher education at international level as students were facing problems in degree verification and grade comparison while applying for jobs and seeking admission in foreign universities.

The implementation of the new system wouldn’t be a challenge free process as many students especially those from low-income background would suffer. A four years degree means prolonged period of education with more fee to pay which is not affordable for all the students.

Here, the government would have to come up with a policy to give more scholarships to students and hire more qualified and experienced teachers so that demands of up gradation in education can be met smoothly.

Introducing university level degrees in colleges would also require more resources to support research and courses being taught, only then education system would become compatible with international standards.


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