Most happy countries in the world

Do you want to be in the country where people are the happiest in the entire world?

According to the world happiness report 2017, these are the countries where the people are most happy because for reasons that are absent in other parts of the world.

Norway has topped the list by being on the top of the happiest country in the world, Earlier, Denmark had this honor for last three years consistently.

After Norway, Denmark is on second, Iceland on third, Switzerland fourth, Finland fifth and Netherlands is in the sixth position.

Canda whose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the heartthrob of many people around the globe generally and in Pakistan mainly, occupies the seventh slot on this list.

New Zealand and Australia are placed in the 8th and 9th position while the central Scandanivain country Sweden which is famous for his investments in Peace comes on the number 10th number.

It is to be noted that all the Scandinavian states have made to this list because they have an excellent social welfare system for their citizens, the reason that kept Denmark on top of this list.

Every time, it is not all about a robust economy that decides whether the people of a city are going to be happy ever or not. In the case of Norway, the country rich in Oil resources, economic condition is not much good due to falling prices of the oil, but still country has managed to top the list.

Happiness is also not a factor of being a super power. The United States of America that acts as a self-proclaimed watchdog on entire world falls on number 14 in the list.

The report lists Pakistan on number 80 regarding happiness, the country is ranked as number 20 amongst the most powerful nations, according to another report.


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