Qaddafi Stadium Lahore

Gaddafi Stadium Lahore is all set to host PSL 2017 final while presenting a great new look for the coming guests.

The recent most pictures of the stadium shared on CM Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif ‘s official Facebook and Twitter page are compelling cricket fans to get in the queue for grabbing their tickets and watch the live match at this magnificent place.

The video showing how Gaddafi Stadium is looking for the event.

The decision of holding PSL final at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore was quite perplexing given the security circumstances, but the government took this bold step to conduct the final match of the tournament as it was promised. Not all the sections of Pakistani society are welcoming this decision as they think that government is looking for taking a credit over the taxpayers’ money and security risk.

Still, one thing is agreed upon, and it is the excitement of Pakistanis to see PSL final taking place on the home ground. To make sure that they get into the stadium they are willing to stand in long queues for getting the tickets ranging from 5oo Rs to 12000 Rs (even if they are not available).


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