PIA lesson for United Airlines

If United Airlines had taken even a bit of lesson from PIA, once used to be the world’s best airlines, then it wouldn’t have faced such loss from the drop in public relations.

Incident of dragging out a Chinese passenger by United Airlines security crew has made it suffer the wrath of public for showing such low standard of hospitality.

They committed a mistake by booking seats more than actual capacity but who doesn’t commit an error. Look at PIA, it once booked at least seven extra passengers but did this once most popular Airline in the world dare to escort passengers off the plane or make them suffer the humiliation of being dragged by security personnel.

PIA would have never done so, because, for it, self-respect of every passenger matters a lot. It has not passed so many days since It made all the seven passengers travel by standing all the way, just like in a local bus but never choose to hurt their sentiments and bruise their honor in such a way.

If you had learned from PIA, then Emirates Airline certainly wouldn’t have got an edge to boost its performance before customers and bash you this way.

Even social media was quick to point which Airline doesn’t kick its passenger out.

PIA's lesson for United Airlines

You see some Airlines often book passengers more than actual capacity but they don’t make the feel embarrassment of a person who is handcuffed and dragged by security persons.


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