Here’s what every Pakistani woman can relate to:


This is a small list of everything a Pakistani woman can relate to that I’ve observed over the course of the last 18 years of my life. How many of these can you relate to girls?

Have a crazy wardrobe full of the latest lawn collection:

Lawn lawn lawn lawn!! Are you even a typical Pakistani girl if you don’t obsess over lawn?

Whine about the fact that you don’t have enough shalwaar kameez:

But no matter how many clothes you get, you won’t find the right shalwaar kameez for any event.

When you wear shalwaar kameez for way too long and wanna wear something more western now while going out:

“Aese kapray pehen k kahan ja rahi ho?”

Your life feels complete after you get a nose piercing:

It feels like you’ve finally grown up!

People tagging you in gol rotti memes because you can’t cook:

Especially your friends and cousins and siblings and parents and family…and everyone. Because they want you to realize what a failure you have been at life.

Having your mom talk to you about a cousin who might be a suitable rishta..

But I’ve been calling him bhai my whole life?!

When your family finds out you’re going abroad for higher studies:

Bohot ghalat decision liya hay Iftikhar aur Shabinda ne… bachi bahir jaa ke kharab hojayegi.

All your friends are getting engaged/married, and you’re still sitting here eating cheesy fries:

And you’re crying about how you’re still single and don’t know when you’ll get hitched but when an aunty approaches you, you basically start a tamasha at home about how you don’t wanna get married so soon

Every boy can get away with anything because “Woh larka hay”

Haan wo ghar se bhaag gaya hay but thats okay because wo larka hai

A wedding invitation for 6 PM means you’re gonna start getting ready at 6:

And you’re gonna be there at 8 PM and eat food and complaint about how bad the food was and if you’re from the girl’s side you’re gonna say “Larki zayada pyaari hay” but if you’re from the guy’s side then you’ll hear aunties say “Haye saada munda aina sona si, ay churail kithoun le aye” to the girl.

Have men cat call at you and say “Tumharay ghar mai maa behen nai hay?!”

Admit it.. you’ve done it at least once in your life and the reply you’ve received is “Hain, magar tum nahien ho”

Kill me

Random aunties at weddings acting as if they’re interested in your life:

We’re not dumb and we know you’re interested in us for your betas

“Loug kiya kahaingay”

Loug mar nai gaye abhi tak?

Done with your bachelors, still have to have your parent’s permission to go out:

A Pakistani woman even needs permission to say yes to the person they want you to get married to.

If you have a younger sibling, they’re automatically supposed to go with you:

Its like a free ticket of going anywhere you want to, because the younger sibling is actually a spy.

Walk past a group of people and hear them comment on your dressing:

Even if you’re Queen Elizabeth and you’re somewhere out in public, there’s always gonna be this other group of girls who are gonna comment over how bad or how over dressed you look.

“Shaadi k baad karna” to basically everything you want to do

Mama meine duniya ghoomni hay

Mama mujhe neya phone chaheye

Mama mujhe khana chaheye

Mama main marne lagi houn

Shaadi k baad karna….

Every other Pakistani woman has feminism k naaray but hardly anyone knows what it actually is


Acne problems and everyone’s stares as if you’re less human

I just hit 16, is that a problem?

Be out with your older brother who doesn’t resemble you a lot and have people judge you for being on a date:




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