WhatsApp status update

Popular messenger application WhatsApp has just got updated, and users are finding it hard to adopt the new change.

With a common status of “What a stupid update,” the fact is evident that up gradation is receiving nor warm welcome.

The new change in WhatsApp status has made the application more like Instagram and Snapchat where users share stories rather than moods. So everyone in your contact list now has access to what you are up to even if you don’t want them to know this.

Followed by this transformation, hilarious responses of the users popped up on social media.

Here are the few pieces reflecting mockery of Whatsapp stories by the users.
This one is lamenting on how previous design was more useful to needs.

So update has given 90s kid another thing that they can exclusively relate to themselves. Next generation should get ready to envy.

Here is the actual reason how all this happened, yes it is a marriage of Instagram and Whatsapp.

One thing is sure that there are hardly any people who are happy with this conversion of the app, for most of them their favorite messenger App has lost its original uniqueness, they just wonder how are they going to choose one over the other?


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