Coca Cola

Remember how so many people mention to you that you should stop drinking fizzy drinks and energy drinks? Yes, mostly our elders, and we get pretty obnoxious about it because we don’t want anyone bugging us about it.
However, they’re actually right. We really do need to stop drinking these carbonated drinks, and replace them with water as much as we can. Wonder why? Well, here’s some of the things Coca cola can do.

Puts out fire:

Coke can help put you out fire, thanks to it being a carbonated drink itself.

Cleans headlights:

Are the headlights of your car dirty? No worries, you can use Coke as a polish! Just drop some over the headlights, use a cloth to clean, and you’re good to go.

Makes hair lighter:

Just soak your hair in some coke, and then wash off. You’ll see how much lighter your hair gets!

Removes chewing gum:

Got a chewing gum stuck in your hair thanks to an annoying sibling? Well, guess what! You don’t have to cut it off. You just simply need to soak the bulk of hair on which you have the gum stuck, in a bowl of coke. The bubble gum will itself melt off.

Removes lime scale:

Are you bothered about lime scale inside your kitchen objects like an electronic kettle? Well, pour some coke inside it, allow it to boil, then rinse with water. It’ll be good as new.

Allows to get rid of rust:

Rusty objects in the house? Just dip them in coke for a while, wash them with water, and trust us, the rust will all be gone.

Do you want me to continue? I guess not. If Coca Cola and Pepsi can help remove so much rust and ick-iness from our every day objects, imagine what it does to your inside organs once you ingest it? Besides, the amount of sugar consumption in a single bottle of Coke can seriously lead to diabetes!

Its better to have healthier drinks like fresh juices, than drinking these harmful fizzy drinks. Stay safe and healthy!


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