As British authorities confirm the presence of Heroin on PIA aircraft, things are going to get worse for them. It has been rough three weeks for PIA, as earlier this month presence of Chinese Women in the cockpit, as well as the PIA pilot taking a nap, brought the national airlines in headlines. As National crime agency investigated the presence of heroin on PIA aircraft, passports of all the crew members of the flights have been confiscated.  No arrest has been made though, and an investigation is being carried out. The reports were later on confirmed by PIA spokesperson Mashhood Tajwar as aircraft was searched for more than two hours.

This is not the first time that narcotics are recovered from the plane. Earlier during the repair work,  heroin was found at the same Boeing-777 plane.  And the latest scandal is going to create a lot of trouble for PIA as it is not the first time that they are in the news for negative reasons. Unavailability of the pilots and deadly crashes are some of the things that are pretty normal for the airline.  The latest scandal though would raise question marks about the law enforcement authorities as well.


Questions must be asked that how aircraft got the security clearance, and what are those procedures that are followed. It also raises severe doubts about the performance and efficiency of Anti-Narcotics Force. PIA has become a laughing stock as even the local airlines are poking fun at the airline. It is imperative that investigations are carried out into the matter and the people responsible must be punished for this severe crime. Not only it has created serious doubts about the credibility of the national institution; it has brought bad repute to the Pakistan. Unfortunately, though, the way things are going forward, their response has been laid back, and they have not even come up with the press release clarifying their position on the issue.


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