Hiba Rhamani working at NASA

Pakistani scientist Hibah Rhamani is working as avionics and flight control engineer at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) in the United States.

The success of Hibah and her appointment at such a crucial post brings out an inspirational story. She was born in Pakistan and later moved to Kuwait with her family. Hibah endured many hardships in her life and also suffered the pain of being a refugee from the Iraq and Kuwait War.

NASA scientist recalls her experience of being in Iraq and Jordan border as a refugee in 1990s; she had to sleep on a bare sand of desert for one night as no tent was available for her family. That night gave a very enchanting moment of her life as she observed the stars in the sky. Next day, she reached Jordan and then flew back to Pakistan.

She came back to Kuwait with her family after the war between Iraq and Kuwait ended. Her parents believed in the higher education of their children, so Hibah got admission in the University of Central Florida in the US while setting her destination to be an engineer. Life was not such an easy for a female student who had to live far off from home away from her family while managing everything on her own. She also developed an interest in becoming an astronaut, so she took masters degree from the Georgia Tech.

Upon completing her graduation, she also worked with aircraft manufacturer Boeing for a while as an analyzer of the different parts of International Space Station.

She tests and checks the space jets and rockets and also checks for any difficulties in them, Hibah has tested the Pegasus, XL and Falcon 9.

Hibah Rhamani believes that commitment and consistent efforts is only an essential to bring the success.


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