Punjab Government has made a new policy of awarding five extra marks to the Hijab wearing students of Universities and colleges in Punjab.

Education Minister Raza Ali announced this during a meeting of division directors in Lahore.

He also informed that students who would wear Hijab would get a 5% waiver in attendance if it lies below the 65%. He also made it mandatory for all institutes to begin the day with a Hadith.

The decision of Punjab government to give a waiver to Hijab wearing students has sparked a great debate. First, the act is deemed as discriminatory to those who don’t wear Hijab or those who belong to any other religion or the boys who can’t adopt this attire.

The policy is also a step to crush merit, what if a student who doesn’t wear Hijab deserved more marks than one who wears; In such a case distinction would just go to the wrong person.

PPP leader Asifa Bhutto Zardari also expressed her stance on Twitter.

It is astonishing that at a point when Prime Minister of Pakistan is showing his solidarity with religious minorities in Pakistan, Punjab government is implementing a policy that may award a person with certain religious belief while discriminate the one who doesn’t believe in it.



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