Hilarious experience of Pakistani girl traveling alone to Multan

Travel Guide to Multan

Do you have an urge to travel alone and on your own in Pakistan? If so, then hurry up and don’t waste your time because it is going to be an ultimate fun, especially when you are planning a trip to Multan, an ancient and historical city in Southern Punjab.

Apart from visiting the worth seeing shrines, Old bazaars, and historic places, living in an economical hotel in Multan which barely witnesses single woman clients is enough to get an entertaining experience.

Yes,  when you are a girl then this fun is ultimately going to double with the privileges and uncalled for guards you would get out of the sheer hospitability of the people.

So, here is a travel guide to your world of amusement and excitement from a real time experience of my journey to Multan.

Got a new definition of alone

I always thought alone means a single person, but I was wrong. Two females who are out together are never alone, as I was accompanied by my friend. I was quick to realize my ignorance after I came across this new definition, when people during our journey inquired us, you both are traveling alone.

Maybe for them, a girl accompanied by a strong male, who is also a Mahram only fulfills the demands of being accompanied.

Felt eyes on me

If two girls are traveling ‘alone’ then they should be ready for the  judgments, and hilarious comments of whoever they are compelled to meet, like one such sentence by my hotel manager that makes me burst into laughter was

No Gents are allowed in your room

It was very harsh to control the smirk, especially when my best friend was around, so I couldn’t stop the smile from oozing out of the corners of my lips.

Repeated Knocks on Door

Who deserves more attention than two single girls in a strange city? I tried hard to find the fault in hotel staff, but that innocent creature was actually busy in helping two helpless women, that’s why we experienced repeated knocks on our door, otherwise, they were not interested in talking again and again to the ladies, because they had become quite habitual of dealing with male clients who lived there for different purposes and they were okay with it. Why they would bother to come out of their comfort zone only to disturb two ladies from another city.

Received complimentary services

Again,  these were perks of being alone lady travelers. We received cold drinks, tea, and other such services that we thought were paid for but a world of astonishment revealed upon us when receptionist disclosed that these were complimentary services. There was no prior mention of them when we booked our room in that economical hotel that was proving to be more economical.

Compromise on my freedom

What fascinated me the most about being in another city was to enjoy the liberty of moving freely while eating or having tea at any roadside dhaba. Alas! My wish couldn’t come to fulfillment as my hotel manager turned out to be too conservative, he offered to order chai for us while we were limited to our room. Perhaps, having sips of chai while sitting on a neighboring dhaba by two of its female clients would have put hotel’s honor at stake.

They were right because

To our surprise, that chai was also complimentary.

 Got Free Travel Guide

From a manager to receptionist and security guard every employee of the hotel would ultimately become your travel guide. They would try to prove themselves your good wishes by offering a guide to safe places for visit and revealing the more secure options. In our case, we got this free travel advice from every employee of the hotel. Perhaps, they were more concerned about our security.

Yes, there was much more to visit in Multan the city of shrines, overall people were kind and very cooperative, unlike the major cities we were able to move more freely without the fear of being harassed. Citizens are also amazing like those from other areas of Pakistan.

There was only one thing that exactly bothered the people.

How come two Pakistani girls can travel ‘alone’?

While being back I was relieved that everything was okay except few people frowning upon our traveling status, but still, it was alright.

Finally, I can’t forget to mention the repeated messages on my WhatsApp from an unknown number, when I was back to my city. I was not shocked to find out that person in DP was hotel receptionist. I hope this shouldn’t be an issue as blocking the contact can quickly make us get away from such unwanted communication.


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